Community Facts

Our Roots

Founded in 1957, to provide a skating facility for neighbourhood children, the Woodcroft Community League has always been a positive force in promoting active living.  The community league is located in Coronation Park, named in honour of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  Today, the Woodcroft Community League flourishes with a playground, spray park, community hall, beach volleyball and an outdoor rink for public skating and shinny hockey.  


Woodcroft Walking Map

Interested in getting to know your community?

Woodcroft has a lot to offer!  Read our pamphlet which details information and a map of Woodcroft, including amenities, walking routes, and points of interest.

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Callout for Volunteers

Have you ever thought you might want to help out a BIT within our community but not sure who to contact or what help is needed? We can always use more people who can help out “a bit”. We need volunteers who can help with many different things and a variety of different time commitments.

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Volunteer positions needed for:

• Communications Coordinator (oversees sign, phone, website & newsletter)
• Membership Coordinator (keeps track of members)
• Facilities Coordinator (takes bookings for hall, rink and beach rentals)
• Social Committee volunteers (helps organize events)
• Recreation Committee volunteers (helps organize events)
• Civics Committee volunteers (educates and engages in civics issues)

Community League Team
2021/2022 Board of Directors

Executive Members

President................Arlene Huhn

Vice President........Shayna Bowling

Secretary...............Chris Morrison

Treasurers.............Linda Thiessen 

Community Committees

To be updated soon. 

Members at Large

Julia Vos

Mark Tofsrud

Rene Provençal

Brandy Yanchyk 

Rebeccah Vanboven 

Ruth Lysak-Martynkiw

Patrick Hallonquist