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Woodcroft Community League - Privacy Policy

Updated 2023-03-05

Every so often, an online survey may appear on our site. The site administrators will collect information that is submitted through the survey so that it may be used for its intended purpose, which should be stated at the top of the survey.

Polls may occur occasionally to gather a quick opinion about a subject. No personally identifiable information is collected when a poll response is submitted. A hashed (encrypted) copy of the user's IP address may be stored in the database to prevent multiple votes from one user.

The webmasters of the Woodcroft Community League will not sell or otherwise distribute any information that we may obtain through surveys, polls, or anonymous site usage statistics without permission. All collected information from surveys is stored in a secure database, and the database is regularly monitored for irregular activities.

The Woodcroft Community website uses Google Analytics to analyze website traffic. No personally identifiable information is collected, and the information will only be used to improve the services provided by the site.

The website administrators will remove all information recorded from surveys from the database about one month after the survey has closed. This will give the recipient of the results enough time to respond to the results and protect the privacy of the respondents should an unexpected security breach occur.

If you would not like your anonymous page views on this site to be recorded, please disable JavaScript in your browser, or use a browser plugin to block Google Analytics. If you have a user account on the site, you will need to leave JavaScript enabled, as it is needed to use the administrative interface.

If you have any concerns with the content or security of the web site, please do not hesitate to email the webmasters at

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