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The Woodcroft Community League Newsletter is produced quarterly.  

For newsletter submissions and advertising, contact 

 Deadlines for submission of items for the:

  • Winter newsletter      Nov 5  

  • Spring newsletter      Feb 5

  • Summer newsletter   May 5

  • Fall newsletter          Aug 5

Community News


Updates For Renting the Woodcroft Community Centre

The Woodcroft Community League Centre is only available for our residents' use. We are no longer renting to people/groups outside the boundaries of Woodcroft (118 Ave. - 111 Ave., 142 St. - Groat Road).

As of March 1st, 2023 rental rates are increasing to keep up with rising costs.

Here are the new rates:

Rental Rates (as of March 1 2023):

Members: $35/Hour Non-Members: $50/ Hour

For more information on renting the Woodcroft Community Centre please go here:


The WoodcroftCL Community Garden Applications Are Now Open

Hello fellow green thumbed neighbours, we are excited to announce the applications for the 2023 growing season are now open.

Please click on the link to review commonly asked questions prior to filling out your application – if you have any additional questions, please reach out to Kaitlin at

Please note that this application is for the 2023 growing season ONLY.

Applications will open each year for Woodcroft residents to apply.

We are sorry but, no perennials or noxious species will be permitted in the plots.

If you’re interested in volunteering please reach out to Kaitlin at .

Happy sprouting!



Edmonton Police Crime Reporting Information

Edmonton Police Service cannot address crimes or hotspots if they are not notified of the crimes.  Typically. when a crime occurs and is left unreported, the frequency and severity of the occurrences will increase if they are not dealt with.  This makes the importance of reporting crime and disorder, regardless of severity, absolutely vital for the EPS and your community.

Reporting a non-emergency incident can take as little as 15 minutes.  Reports can be made in a number of ways.


Bird Nesting

If you have concerns regarding birds (i.e. Magpies) nesting in trees on city property, such as boulevards, call 311 and report your concerns.  The city will send out an arborist to inspect.

Community News

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