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Hall Coordinator Positions

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Hall Coordinator Job Descriptions

Contract Coordinator

Do you consider yourself organized? Are you comfortable working with contracts? Would you be interested in getting to know your neighbors and helping your community? Then this volunteer position is for you! Woodcroft Community League is looking for an individual who would be interested in coordinating and writing contracts with potential rentals. 

This is a minimal time commitment and most items can be completed online. Your responsibilities will include: 

  • drafting contracts using a provided template, 

  • meeting with potential renters, 

  • ensuring contracts are appropriately documented and filed

  •  handling cash 

  • guiding renters on how to securely use our e-transfer system. 

This includes documentation of insurance and personal information which is to be collected and stored securely.

Opening and Closing Coordinator

Do you like meeting new people and showing pride in your community? Then this volunteer position is for you! Woodcroft Community League is looking for an individual who enjoys networking and is physically able to meet renters in person at the hall. 

This individual will be responsible for several items including: 

  • on-going coordination with the Contract Coordinator, 

  • completing guided facility tours for potential renters, 

  • completing opening and closing duties (opening the hall, guiding users to amenities and equipment, discussing rules and renter responsibilities)

  • completing checklists, 

  • completing walk-throughs at closure, 

  • ensuring any damage/ unclean areas are documented. 

Please note that this time commitment varies due to rental agreements i.e., the rental day and length will vary based on needs of renter and availability of hall.


Both positions can be completed by a single individual or split to help lighten the responsibility load. The league will provide volunteers with training to ensure they can succeed in these positions, and the board will support them along the way. Both positions come with perks - including a yearly free hall rental which can be used personally or shared to friends and family.* 

A detailed list of responsibilities can be provided to interested parties to explain responsibilities further.

Let know if you are interested, we are eager to work with you!

*Note that the hall rental is a one time, once a year basis and cannot be shared more than once a year, once used your rental cannot be shared and an hourly fee will be required.

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