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Message from Your Community League Board of Directors

Summer 2022

Message from Your Community League Board of Directors

With the weather warming, it is so nice to see community members out walking, running, cycling, doing yard work and much more. A quick reminder with more people out on the sidewalks and going to parks, please ensure you are doing the posted speed limit. We have some fun activities planned, please check the newsletter for more details!

The Board wants to thank everyone for taking part in our survey regarding what people would like to see in the community and what events and activities you like, support, etc. Unfortunately, we did not have time to include it in the newsletter but we will need to do the survey each year, so if you missed out this year, you can definitely give feedback next year. We had almost 100 residents do the survey.

We have some good ideas for programs that people would like to see. 


For those of you new to the community or a reminder for everyone else, you can access the following this summer in our community:

Playground and spray park—Children will find something they like, even just the sand

Plant some flowers & walk the community—Nominate some homes for the
Front Yards in Bloom

Plant a garden—We are starting a community garden

Shoot some hoops—At St.Mark Catholic Junior High School

Visit Coronation Park—Have a picnic, bicycle, walk, sit and watch some birds

Get Sporty—Whether you are watching or playing we have baseball diamonds, a cricket pitch, soccer field, beach/sand volleyball

We live in a great part of the City, enjoy it this Summer!

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