Message from Your Community League Board of Directors

Spring 2022

Message from Your Community League Board of Directors

We are sure that like us, you are wishing for spring to come early and to stay! These past two years have been challenging for everyone and at the time of writing this newsletter, we are planning for a return to a more “normal” spring and summer. Knowing that “normal” may still be a bit different than before, we hope to see many of you at the programs we have planned. If you are new to the neighbourhood, come out and meet some of your neighbours and community members. If there is someone new to the neighbourhood that lives close to you, invite them to attend with you. For new community members, our programs are almost always free, please come join us!

We want to thank everyone who took part in the Winterscape decorations this year. Unfortunately, due to a cold snap before and after Christmas, we did not receive enough nominations to determine winners. We hope that next year, we will have community members out and about and nominating homes that they enjoy. Our community looked so great in the day and evening!

The Board Committees will be sending out a needs assessment survey. We appreciate your feedback on what you want our community league to offer, how we offer it and if there is anything new you would like for us to consider. We want you to help us make sure that the programs and services we offer fit with what you feel our community needs or wants. Please fill out the survey. If you have filled it out, thank you.

This time of year for the newsletter is always a bit awkward, as we want to remind you to keep your sidewalks clear and use the sand at the hall for sidewalk ice but we also need to talk about spring weather. With the change of the weather, we will see more people of all ages out and about. Please watch for large mud puddles as you drive past people walking; watch for children running and playing; and keep an eye out for everyone on bikes, both pedal and motorized.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the community members who were able to come out and volunteer at our Casino in January. We greatly appreciate all of your help and support.

Our community league is made up of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, at an event or for a specific project, please let our board chair Arlene Huhn know at or 780-660-9684 (text or message) and she will connect you to the right person.

See you at our next community event!