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Message from the Community League Board

Fall 2023

Message from the Community League Board

This fall we're excited to be bringing a lineup of community programs that have been tailored to your preferences, thanks to the invaluable input gathered from our annual survey. Your feedback matters, and we're excited to bring you what you asked for! Many people asked for yoga, so we have that for you! Mark your calendars for September
1st and get ready to be entertained by international comedians. Spread the word, invite your friends, and let's share some laughs together. We appreciate everyone taking the time to fill out our survey. While the survey is a requirement for a grant, it's also an important opportunity for us to learn more about your needs and interests.

Powered by Volunteers

People sometimes ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ we run community programs. Why? That is one of the roles of a community league, to offer programs for the people who live there. How do we offer our programs? 


Our board is a volunteer board, we are not paid to keep our community hall and programs running. We have other volunteers who help out on committees and various tasks. We are always looking for more help.
Your involvement not only makes our events run smoothly but also brings fresh perspectives into our community initiatives.

There are many ways to get involved and help your community league:
• help out at one event (e.g.Halloween Dance);

• help out with a task (e.g. social media; newsletter pick up; watering gardens; and much more);

• sit on a committee (e.g.Social & Recreation Committee - only meet a few times per year and help out at events you want to; Civics Committee - if you are interested in what is happening in your community regarding new developments and planning);

• sit on the board, every fall we have our Annual General Meeting. The board meets ten times per year and occasionally other meetings outside of the regular board meetings. All board members lead a task or are part of a committee.

You can sign up to volunteer here!

Volunteering not only helps your community, benefits for you include fulfillment; a sense of purpose; and good health. If you want to learn more, please connect with our president Arlene Huhn at or calling/texting 780-660-9684, she would love to take you for a coffee or tea to answer any questions and to find something that fits for you.

We hope everyone has a great fall, we look forward to seeing you at our events. Don’t forget to get your membership for this year, and take advantage of its many benefits!

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