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Information Update about Rezoning application File # LDA20-0343, Woodcroft 

Dear Woodcroft Residents,

The Woodcroft Community League has recently received updated information regarding a proposed rezoning of 2 properties in Woodcroft:

  • 13512 – 115 Avenue, currently zoned as RF1 (Single Detached Residential Zone) which has a one-story house on it, 

  • and 13530 – 115 Avenue, currently zoned as RF3 (Small Scale Infill Development Zone), which is a vacant lot full of overgrown weeds.  


Please see the rezoning notification postcard attached below.  


The developer, Stoneriver Developments, has revised his plans and now wishes to have the 2 properties rezoned to RA7, Low Rise Apartment Zone.  This zone allows for a building of up to 16 metres (4 storeys) in height and would permit the following possible uses:  

As Permitted Uses:  

1. Child Care Services, 

2. Convenience Retail Stores,

3. General Retail Stores,

4. Supportive Housing,

5. Health Services,

6. Lodging Houses,

7. Minor Home Based Business,

8. Multi-unit Housing,

9. Professional, Financial, and Office Support Services,

10. Secondary Suites,

11. Specialty Food Services,

12. Urban Garden,

13. Fascia On-premise Signs,

14. Projecting On-premise Signs.


As Discretionary Uses:  

1. Business Support Services

2. Duplex Housing - that existed prior to August 26, 2019,

3. Fraternity and Sorority Housing

4. Garden Suites

5. Major Home Based Business

6. Personal Service Shops

7. Religious Assembly

8. Residential Sales Centre,

9. Restaurants,

10. Semi-detached Housing - that existed prior to Aug. 26, 2019

11. Single Detached Housing - that existed prior to Aug. 26, 2019

12. Special Event,

13. Urban Outdoor Farms,

14. Freestanding On-premises Signs,

15. Temporary On-premises Signs.


Further details about RA7 can be found here:


The Woodcroft Community League first asked for your input about the rezoning of these 2 properties in December of 2020, when the developer initially applied to have the 2 lots rezoned to RA8 (an apartment building of 6 storeys, up to 23 metres high).  

We are now asking for your input regarding the current application put forth by the developer – which is to have the 2 lots rezoned to RA7.  The difference between RA8 and RA7 is that RA7 is slightly shorter – it would be an apartment building 4 storeys high (up to 16 metres).  It would have all of the same permitted uses as in the RA8 zone, except for the deletion of ‘Limited Group Homes’.  

This additional request for your input is a continuation of what will likely be a lengthy process that will culminate at a public hearing at city hall – so we need to get as much feedback as possible from our residents.  

Your feedback is essential so that we can adequately represent your position when we are dealing with the city, the developer, and the developer’s representatives. 


We ask that you address the following questions in a response to us:

  1.  Do you live in Woodcroft? Yes or No?

  2. If yes, how long have you lived in Woodcroft?  Choose one of the following:

- Less than 3 years?

- 4 to 9 years?

- More than 10 years?

3.  Did you raise a family in Woodcroft?

4.  Are you currently raising a family in Woodcroft?

5.  What is your reaction to the proposed rezoning and future development of the site?  Choose one of the following:

- I love it! This would be a welcome addition to the community.

- I like it.

- I’m not sure yet.

- I don’t like it.

- I hate it! I don’t want to see this development in the community.  

6.  Are you concerned about a new building on this site?  Choose one of the following:



7.  What are you concerned about?  Please provide details.

8.  Could there be a way to design the building that might address your concerns, or some of your concerns?  Yes, No, Maybe?

9.  What might help address your concerns?  Please provide details.

10. Is there anything else that you would like the Woodcroft Community League team to be aware of?  Please provide details.  


Please provide your feedback in writing to the Woodcroft Community League Civics Committee members:  

Linda Thiessen at:   and

Ruth Lysak-Martynkiw at:

You may also wish to CC our Councillor Bev Esslinger:

Please quote File # LDA20-0343


If you prefer to answer the questions listed above by giving your feedback to the Woodcroft Community League using a Google form survey that you can fill out online, please access it by following this link:


The developer, Stoneriver Developments, has hired a consultant, Situate, to act on their behalf.  You can see their project page here: .  


The City of Edmonton has just recently launched a Public Engagement Page regarding this application for rezoning to RA7 on January 18, 2021.

We encourage you to provide your feedback before their Public Engagement deadline of Jan. 31, 2021.  

While it seems that we are constantly surveying our residents, we do so because the Woodcroft Community League needs to know what our residents think about the new proposed rezoning and development (changed from RA8 to RA7) in order for us to adequately represent your position.  

Thank you!


Woodcroft Community League Civics Committee

Linda Thiessen:

Ruth Lysak-Martynkiw:

Please see below for images of the map and notice sent by the City of Edmonton Planning Department, 

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