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Do you desire stronger connections at work and personally? Words are powerful and how we use them has a huge impact on how we experience and interact with our world. If your words have “stepped” on someone; if you have not been heard; if you leave words left unsaid for fear of a conflict; or if you find your communication to be going in circles, this workshop is for you.


This playful yet practical NVC workshop designed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, shows how word choice can free your heart and mind, make sense of life, transform conflict and enhance forward connection! After this workshop you can find common ground with anyone, anywhere, at any time, both personally and professionally.


During this workshop you will:

• Expand your ability to translate from “head on fire” to “heart connected!”

• Shift from blame/evaluation/criticism towards confident curiosity and mutual care!

• Express what is most important to you with deep authenticity in a way that is more likely to be heard in a life giving way by others!


Dates: Friday April 17 (6 - 9:30 p.m.) & Saturday April 18 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Cost: $150 for Woodcroft Community League Members; $165 for Adults (non-community league members)


(please contact Jorg if you are interested in having a child attend) Registration is required:

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