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A reminder to all dog owners that our rink/volleyball courts are NOT approved off leash areas. We have beach volleyball courts with sand in our rink and it is NOT to be used as an off leash dog area.


The City Bylaw for Dog Owners states:

(1) Unless otherwise permitted by this bylaw, no person shall allow any animal under their control, or for which they are responsible, to be on Parkland.

(2) A person may have a Dog on Parkland so long as the Dog is:

(a) leashed and on an improved trail or an unimproved trail;

(b) leashed and on a boulevard;

(c) leashed and in an area governed by signage permitting dogs; or

(d) in a designated off leash area; but only if the dog is, at all times, kept at least 10 metres from any developed playground or picnic site. 

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