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Woodcroft Winterscape Nominations
*Vote for as many residences as you want. Prizes will be awarded on Dec. 21st and Feb. 15th.

Woodcroft Festive Winterscape

Do you like to decorate your house/yard for the holidays or winter in general? Starting December 1st we invite community members to nominate neighbours  whose decorations have caught their eye. 


To nominate your favourite homes, send an email to or submit your nomination(s) through the website (available soon). When neighbours are nominated they will receive a letter from the Community League and a sign.  On December 21st we will award prizes to the top three homes who have been nominated.   


Keep your votes coming in throughout the new years as we will also award prizes to the top three homes on February 15th.  Please ensure you provide the address(es) of your nominated homes so that we can acknowledge their efforts on behalf of the community.

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